To Whom It May Concern ReEntry Support for Women being released from prison

To Whom It May ConcernTo Whom It May ConcernTo Whom It May ConcernTo Whom It May Concern

A non-profit fiercely supporting women transitioning from prison and human trafficking in Ohio.

Successful Reintegration

The sad reality for a woman leaving prison today is that without meaningful opportunities to reengage with society she will likely end up back in jail.  In fact, nearly half of all individuals released from federal prisons are re-arrested within one year of their release.   

To Whom It May Concern is a nonprofit agency determined to stand alongside any woman who wants to beat those odds - providing the support she needs to successfully reintegrate and thrive in her community.  We would love for you to stand with us.  


You have the ability to radically change someone's life


What Successful Reintegration Looks Like



 Pro-social behavior is a learned skill. Our nonprofit offers women transitioning from prison or human trafficking, a group of trustworthy women to walk along the path toward successful reintegration - growing, changing, and supporting one another.

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Reintegration starts long before a woman’s release date. Through our Life Builder’s program, we partner with the justice system to match mentors with inmates in a structured program for pre-release mentoring that may continue as she transitions out of prison

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Material Needs


Women transitioning from prison or human trafficking often have very little if anything to start their new life.  We help with essentials like food, shampoo, soap,  toothpaste,  new socks and undergarments as well as like-new clothing and shoes.  

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Sometimes returning to family isn’t the safest option for women transitioning from prison. Our non-profit is currently looking for an apartment or house that will enable us to step in when the need arises to offer a client a temporary place to live.

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Recovery Support


  Sober living is an essential part of integration for many women exiting institutions. Our nonprofit hosts fun connection events for the women and their families throughout the year where they can have fun without using alcohol or drugs. 

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 One of the greatest gift we give the women that we work with is a Bible.  We use a specific recovery Bible that helps them navigate the challenges that they face as they work through multiple issues and various levels of trauma.

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